This short was our most ambitious one to date. Scorsese had recently come out with “The Departed” and we thought it would be a perfect time to do a follow up to TechFellas. So Eric and Rich were back at it. Coming up with a new script that parodied “The Departed” into a tech office.

With this short, we decided to get as close to make a full length feature as possible.  We hired a DP and his two man crew and another person to be sound engineer on set. Due to me having just had my second child, we also hired an outside person to handle the UPM work on set.

Luckily we were able to get the same location we shot “Techfellas”. This gave us a leg up on figuring out how we’ll shoot everything as we knew the layout. With Eric directing, I mainly worked with the UPM to make sure we had all of the necessary props that all of the Producer duties were handled properly. Such as contracts, props, location, scheduling, making sure everybody is at the locations on time, etc.

We shot the film over two weekends in a total of 3 different locations. We were even able to get a local coffee shop to let us shoot before they opened.

After we wrapped, the DP asked if he could edit the film.  Within a month he had a trailer for us to put up and in three months we had a version to show at a local Baltimore Theater called “The Cinema Lounge”.

Unfortunately, during pre-production, one of our founding members, Edwin Pontanilla, passed away due to complications with his heart.

Camera – Panasonic HVX-200, JVC HD100U

Credits – Assistant to UPM, Producer

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