Throughout all of elementary school, my daughter would bring home these “study sheets” from her classes.  They would consist of a bunch of data on them that she would have to memorize and the regurgitate for tests in the near future.

These sheets were extremely boring and I found didn’t help her at all, since a week later she would not remember a single thing from them.

So I created an app that would help her to study the sheets.

What I did was create my own easy markup language so that I could essentially recreate the data sheets into an HTML page. It allowed me to:

  1. select specific words in a sentence and make them keywords.
  2. Create blocks of data that were al related
  3. Select a word and designate it’s definition
  4. Add a hyperlink to the page so that if my daughter wanted to read more about it, it would take her to a webpage so she could, all while staying inside the app.

Creating these simple things also allowed me to have the application auto generate a test about the data on the page.  It would use the keyword, data blocks and words/definitions to randomly create questions that where different every time she took the test.

I even had it so that she could create multiple ones and share them with her friends if any of them wanted to.

The app worked well and allowed her to excel at taking these memorization/regurgitation tests.

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