Doritos Commercial – “Ritual”

Doritos started doing a contest in 2006 called “Crash The Superbowl”. It asked people to submit a 30 second commercial about Doritos. Then they would pick the best 4 or 5 of them and actually play them during the Superbowl. And if any of the commercials was the highest ranking commercial for the Superbowl, then the maker of that commercial would get $1mil. It was ingenious. All they really have to pay for is the money they would have already spent to put a commercial on and then a maximum of another $1mil if one of the commercials was the top rated.

Everybody has that one friend who won’t sit in one seat while watching a game. Or will only sit in the exact same spot. Or has to wear specific clothes. All on the name of keeping up the good mojo. That’s what this is about. Two friends who “figure out” that their eating of Doritos is influencing the game.

Camera – Canon 5D Mark II

Credits – UPM, Producer


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