We were in the process of finalizing the script for “The Department” when I got the itch to direct again.  I hadn’t done it since “Home Invasion” and was looking to shoot something.

This is one of those things where I’m not sure how I came up with the story, but once I got the pieces, it came together pretty quickly.

The film was shot over the course of two days and our friend Peter Buttecali’s house. He was actually Richard Friend’s boss at the time and was also going to be in “The Department”. He was very gracious and took his entire family out of the house for 2 days while we shot there.

It was also my first time working with kids. Due to the main character having a child and also having flashbacks to when she was a child. This actually went far better than everybody has said.  She was great to work with and a great actor as well.

With the constraints of only having this one location to shoot in, I also had to pretty much come up with changes for the script to fit the location on the fly.  And we used pretty much every single room in the house.

The editing process was pretty easy with this one.  Due to the really tight schedule, we only shot what we needed and didn’t get a lot of extra coverage footage.

Camera – Canon XL1s

Credits – Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

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