One of my favorite shots in movies is the long take scenes. There are a ton of them, with the most iconic ones being; the one at the beginning of “Touch of Evil”, the beginning of “The Player” where they lament about long take scenes while shooting one, The walk into the club scene in “Goodfellas”, and “The Rope” which is an 80 minute movie made of 10 scenes that are between 4 and 10 minutes long. My favorites and the 3 in “Murder in the First”. It was the first time I actually noted that the scene had no cuts in it and I was amazed with the camera work.

Because of these films, I had an idea in my head for a long take scene. It would be about a guy stalking someone that is inside a house and then breaking in.  The entire time, there are near misses of the person inside the house catching them.  When I told Eric about my idea, he came up with the book end of having the stalker be someone who is coming home from war and wanting to surprise his wife. Which worked perfectly.

Camera – Canon XL1s

Credit – Producer, Writer, Co-Director, Editor

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