Doritos Commercial – “Lunch”

Doritos started doing a contest in 2006 called “Crash The Superbowl”. It asked people to submit a 30 second commercial about Doritos. Then they would pick the best 4 or 5 of them and actually play them during the Superbowl. And if any of the commercials was the highest ranking commercial for the Superbowl, then the maker of that commercial would get $1mil. It was ingenious. All they really have to pay for is the money they would have already spent to put a commercial on and then a maximum of another $1mil if one of the commercials was the top rated.

This one is about a couple of kids that are fighting over the last bag of Doritos to go with their lunch. It’s also my kids’ acting debuts. They had a great time, even when we told them not to eat the Doritos off the floor. (though they went for it anyway).

Camera – Canon 5D – Mark II

Credits – UPM, Co-Editor, Producer


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